Motivating and Educating Professional Groups, Educators and Youth


  • Employers

How do we motivate those ADHD minds to succeed?  What environments and duties can they excel at?  How do we set up our company for success when employing those with this background?

  • Events

My experience as a Director, Entrapneur and Educator has enabled me to help many learn and create positive pathways. I recognize the fear and the inner critiques that hold many back from attaining their goals.  My goal is to enable people to own their future. 

  • Students

Organizing your life is much easier said than done.  I will give you the tools to teach yourself how you can stand up to the conflicts that keep you from getting the grade you deserve.  Start owning your destiny today.


  • Educators

What do you know about ADHD?  From any age level, students have had a trail of teachers who have mistreated underrepresented students unknowingly due to missing Executive Functioning and Processing obstacles.  Let’s learn how to encourage these minds before they become discouraged with school


  • Para-professionals

Working in a special needs school or a mild special education classroom?  Do you teach speech to students who won’t sit still?  I teach on how to gage interest, build trust, teach coping skills and properly discipline without losing your cool.