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Development is always an uncomfortable feeling. At Progressive Growth Coaching, we embrace the challenges by uncovering the foundation of strengths, biases and vulnerabilities in order to begin in a new direction.

You're provided personalized strategies and ADHD coaching to overcome the negatives of ADHD and learn to take control of your life.


Evan Kirstein specializes in working with those who are frustrated with the challenges and roadblocks associated with ADHD, and are ready to conquer their ADHD symptoms, despite their struggles. If you are a college student who is interested in finally learning how to study effectively, an adult who seeks to enhance success strategies in the work-place and on the homefront, or an executive seeking to amplify their effectiveness and efficiency in the workplace, Progressive Growth Coaching is designed to help.


Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD or ADD), is the combination of inherited neurological symptoms and behaviors that effect the executive functioning system of the brain.  Although ADHD symptoms vary between individuals, the common denominators include a combination of problems, such as difficulty sustaining attention, hyperactivity and impulsive behavior.


ADHD coaching is an investment you make on yourself, for yourself.  You receive dividends by way of gradual successes experienced along the way. Your ADHD coach can help you create positive habits and overcome the struggles of difficult transitions while building skills for efficiency and effectiveness.

As Evan works with you to acknowledge and manage your life goals, your day to day habits will be challenged in order to develop new patterns of efficiency. You will build confidence as you experience your success along the way. Everything is in a continuous state of changing, improving, refining, evolving...

Our goal is to help you on your journey by: Evolving with Intent.



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Start Your Journey with Evan's Free Ebook:

6 Ways to Execute

like an Exec 

While there is no true cure for your ADHD, there are solutions, tricks and hacks to overcoming the associated obstacles that arise at your workplace. Whether you are facing procrastination, disorganization or a lack of prioritization, this book equips you with strategies to reach your professional potential.

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