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Client Testimonials

"I liked that Evan's ability to be flexible and that he doesn’t only think of time and money. He truly care’s and is able to open up about himself as well. He understands personality types and his intuition is stellar.

I am able to speak freely with Evan without judgement and he is always in my corner no matter what, and that is really nice.

Results have been many. Learning to work well in a testosterone driven environment, navigating my anxiety related to performance anxiety in the operating room. Help interacting with my male boss, his wife and my female coworkers. Relationship help. I feel that my communication and problem solving skills have gotten tremendously better. My decision making skills have improved. My anger issues have mostly resolved - or maybe the way I handle anger has improved greatly. I learned to put myself first and my career second...that's just a few of them. An added benefit of hearing feedback from someone who has ADHD as the 2 most influential men (and I suspect a third) have the same issue.


Yes, I would recommend Evan and his services to anyone who needs help navigating their professional and personal life and can't seem to do it on their own. The most important thing is that if you aren't looking for someone who is real and can really read you - you aren't the person for them. But if you want an experience that will push you past comfort level and into the deepest recess of your insecurities and terrible emotions than this is the person for you."

Dr. Neha P, NYC

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Start Your Journey with Evan's Free Ebook:

6 Ways to Execute

like an Exec 

While there is no true cure for your ADHD, there are solutions, tricks and hacks to overcoming the associating obstacles that arise at your workplace. Whether you are facing procrastination, disorganization or a lack or prioritization, this book equips you with strategies to reach your professional potential.

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