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Client Testimonials

"I've evaluated various coaches (and briefly worked with some) prior to working with Evan Kirstein. Most of them were focused on career coaching, while what I feel is unique to Evan is that he can help clients more generally about "making change and / or tough choices in life.

When we've first met, I knew I needed to change things in my life, but I was not quite sure what and how. The coaching process helped me get the courage and push to explore the possibility of opening a coffee shop with rigor and detail. Thanks to our sessions, I had the courage to take the time to find and go to coffee school, write a business plan, and build a network in the industry. Coaching ultimately provided the push, courage and the rigor to go through all of the steps above. I feel like I would still be complaining and doing nothing about my situation, had I not started working with Evan.

Evan is very approachable and makes it easy for clients to open up. He asks great questions and encourages clients to make some tough but necessary trade-offs. I found him to be very professional and reliable and was able to trust him from day one. I also appreciate how he recommended various books and resources to read outside of our sessions as part of the program. I've benefited from them and they were an essential part of my journey.  

I'd recommend you to friends/colleagues who would like to make significant changes in their lives but not sure what and how; whether professional or personal."

Alper A, Chief of Staff Barclay's, NYC

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6 Ways to Execute

like an Exec 

While there is no true cure for your ADHD, there are solutions, tricks and hacks to overcoming the associating obstacles that arise at your workplace. Whether you are facing procrastination, disorganization or a lack or prioritization, this book equips you with strategies to reach your professional potential.

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