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Client Testimonials

"I liked that Evan's ability to be flexible and that he doesn’t only think of time and money. He truly care’s and is able to open up about himself as well. He understands personality types and his intuition is stellar.

I am able to speak freely with Evan without judgement and he is always in my corner no matter what, and that is really nice.

Results have been many. Learning to work well in a testosterone driven environment, navigating my anxiety related to performance anxiety in the operating room. Help interacting with my male boss, his wife and my female coworkers. Relationship help. I feel that my communication and problem solving skills have gotten tremendously better. My decision making skills have improved. My anger issues have mostly resolved - or maybe the way I handle anger has improved greatly. I learned to put myself first and my career second...that's just a few of them. An added benefit of hearing feedback from someone who has ADHD as the 2 most influential men (and I suspect a third) have the same issue.


Yes, I would recommend Evan and his services to anyone who needs help navigating their professional and personal life and can't seem to do it on their own. The most important thing is that if you aren't looking for someone who is real and can really read you - you aren't the person for them. But if you want an experience that will push you past comfort level and into the deepest recess of your insecurities and terrible emotions than this is the person for you."


Dr. Neha P, NYC

"I found Evan’s coaching service to be helpful in my job search. In my situation, I felt completely stuck. Evan helped get me "un-stuck" by asking all the right questions allowing me to come to the conclusion on my own time and in my own way. He watched me go through all the iterations of, "do I want this?" "is this right for me?" "whose interest am I serving here?" until I was finally able to conclude it was time to move on. 

When it came time to apply, I got excellent coaching on my resume and cover letter as well as my approach to the search. I even felt confident enough to cold-call some employers and eventually took a job with one of those who wasn't advertising an open position but just happened to be looking.

Evan has an easy personal communication style. After the initial awkwardness that comes with bearing your fears to someone you barely know, he quickly became a trusted adviser. I have ADHD, and need structure and deadlines to keep me accountable. Sometimes, I bristle at this structure and deadlines and push back. But Evan never let me forget that I am ultimately holding myself accountable to myself. Setting deadlines and creating structure just became a part of our regular discussions. That was immensely helpful! Most importantly, Evan was able to meet me where I am mentally and emotionally until we could walk together toward my goals. 

You can probably tell that I'm a fan. I would recommend him to friends and colleagues especially those looking to make a change and want to put their best foot forward, be it personal or professionally."

Emily C,  Vetrinarian, San Diego, CA

"I am so thankful that I found Evan Kirstein. He has been my ADHD coach for the last 5 months, and my life has taken a turn for the much better.

Thanks to his deep understanding of ADHD and his intuitive approach, I feel like I have regained a strong sense of inner trust and self-reliance, and I am learning to live up to my potential on a daily basis. He was insightful and also knew when to talk and when to listen. We worked on self discipline of practicing music, work and diet. I enjoyed our sessions and have benefited from them."

Andrew C. Marketing Genius, NYC

"My ADD coaching began with Evan In October of 2014. I run a full time, or shall I say overtime, Real Estate business. I have 3 children and my husband travels for work. I knew there was a better way to handle parenting at home, and tools to have better results with the kids. I just absolutely did not know how to do it! I felt helpless overwhelmed and resorted to all the old school techniques that don't always work. 

My son was diagnosed with ADD in 2013 at the age of 7. Evan help me from emotional reactions to confident parenting. He has taught me skill such as games to play with kids, systems for consequences and rewards, discipline with out the drama. 

The most amazing part about it is that I have grown. He has taught me to be the one in control versus the kids controlling me and my emotions. What is even better is that I have been able to identify the inconsistencies in my family dynamics, which previously caused the drama and have been able to make corrections because of that guidance. 

Evan's helped me is so many ways. I am forever grateful for that."

Bianca M, Realtor, Chula Vista, CA

"I came to Evan when I had so much pressure to perform at work, that I didn't know if I was going to survive my next project. The stress gave me my first ulcer. After working with Evan for only 4 months, I have learned how my strengths in energy and perseverance can overcome my weaknesses that come from my ADD.  


Evan helped me acknowledge my true obstacles, create systems to prevent procrastination and found ways to separate the demands of work, from the need to care for myself. I am now more productive and I feel less stress at the same time."

Kevin H, Internet Marketing Wizard, San Marcos, CA

"I've evaluated various coaches (and briefly worked with some) prior to working with Evan Kirstein. Most of them were focused on career coaching, while what I feel is unique to Evan is that he can help clients more generally about "making change and / or tough choices in life.

When we've first met, I knew I needed to change things in my life, but I was not quite sure what and how. The coaching process helped me get the courage and push to explore the possibility of opening a coffee shop with rigor and detail. Thanks to our sessions, I had the courage to take the time to find and go to coffee school, write a business plan, and build a network in the industry. Coaching ultimately provided the push, courage and the rigor to go through all of the steps above. I feel like I would still be complaining and doing nothing about my situation, had I not started working with Evan.

Evan is very approachable and makes it easy for clients to open up. He asks great questions and encourages clients to make some tough but necessary trade-offs. I found him to be very professional and reliable and was able to trust him from day one. I also appreciate how he recommended various books and resources to read outside of our sessions as part of the program. I've benefited from them and they were an essential part of my journey.  

I'd recommend you to friends/colleagues who would like to make significant changes in their lives but not sure what and how; whether professional or personal."


Alper A, Chief of Staff Barclay's, NYC

"I didn't have any hesitation because another client that I trusted had such good things to say about Evan. Since working with Evan I have made leaps and bounds in my personal life and my confidence. I have learned to embrace who I am and take ownership of my dreams. Most importantly, I was able to identify the largest obstacle that has been holding me back in my life as well as learn tools to overcome it. 


I liked that Evan listened and really heard the heart of what I was trying to say even though I didn't always have the best words to describe what I was going through. He had great resources to share with me that really applied to my questions. He is firm and won't let you off the hook - and that is good. I really loved the writing assignments that he gave me and feel like these really helped me to grow leaps and bounds. I would recommend Evan's services to anyone who is feeling stuck in their life but really wants to find ways to grow.


I think that my time with Evan was instrumental in my current growth. When I started I felt so lost and unsure as a creative person. Now I not only feel more confident but empowered to use my tools for dealing with the future."

Dija H, Actress/Producer/Entrepreneur, Indiana

"I can't recommend Evan more as a life coach. I came to him because I was dissatisfied with work and life. Together we laid out the steps I should take to start a new career as a programmer. Thanks to structure and his advice I was able to take all the necessary steps to switch career tracks. We also worked on ways balance my life which helped me to feel altogether happier and in control. I recommend Evan to anyone in their 20's looking for a way to get their life started."

Evan D,  Programmer, Texas

"The best parts about working with Evan was his humor, and his introduction to new ideas and resources I had never before considered (Toastmasters, Tony Robbins, studying greats and breaking them down to steal from them aka Austin Kleon) I also liked that you could often sense when I was ready to move on from something without me having to say so.


His interests aligned with what I was looking for (entrepreneurship), your personality was one that I thought was a good fit (firm and supportive), and had the experience/credentials I was looking for.

The most important thing people should know about working with Evan is that he doesn’t judge, he is a resource and idea machine!  He is a reactive force and it is the client’s job to take ownership."


Kristen C, Entrepreneur in Action, Brookline, MA

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