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1:1 Coaching 

Coaching packages range between 2 - 4 coaching calls per month for 1 hour each session.  This also includes one 20 minute "Laser Call"  to check in when needed.  Each package starts with a complimentary consultation.

We will use a variety of assessment tools and engage in work between each call.  What we talk about during our session is confidential as we discuss overcoming obstacles and plan the actions to execute between the sessions.


Working for yourself has never been easier… except your boss doesn’t give you structure or deadlines and lets your amazing ideas slip away. While you focus on the part of the job you love, let’s set up a system for you to either follow through or delegate all the tasks that come across your desk. We work together to set up a style and schedule that is tailor made to your life.  Together, we develop a support system and time management techniques. You will create a new sense of ownership while being accountable for the actions and the goals you desire. 



The Executive Coaching process is designed to help highly-motivated, creative and goal-oriented professionals amplify their effectiveness and efficiency in both the workplace and at home. This coaching practice combines traditional ADHD coaching techniques with strategic principles and practices. It’s time to have a team in your corner!


Management Teams

It’s all about relationships. 

Most don’t realize that when an associate with ADHD holds an authentic love for another, they will give themselves wholly to them. With absolute trust, hyper-focus, follow through and an eagerness to engage fully. 

Whether this relationship is between you and your business partner, your spouse, your superior, or most importantly yourself, this is the basis for a healthy mental state and working relationship. Team coaching will repair relationships, re-establish trust and create a path for self-development.

Unbalanced teams are not uncommon. Create an intervention today.


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