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ADHD coach San Diego
Professional Coach for ADHD Professionals, Executives, and Entrapenuers

Authority on ADHD

  • Host, Public Speaker and Presenter at conferences, colleges, workshops

  • Featured expert in industry publications, podcasts

More Than A Decade As Public and Private Educator

  • Educator of multiple populations from special needs, alternative education; sports coaching

  • Special Needs Consultant and Director of education company

Leadership in Coaching

  • Professional Certified Coach (PCC) by ICF

  • Certified ADHD Coach Practitioner (CACP) by PAAC

  • Certified Mentor Coach (CMC)

  • ADHD Coaches Organization (ACO) Board Member

COMMITMENT. In the Winter of 2014, Evan established a practice aimed at leveraging a growth mindset while progressing the barriers of self-development. Evan has committed his energy to the advancement of ADHD Coaching as a profession and awareness of this “invisible” learning disability.

APPROACH. Himself having been diagnosed in grade school, Evan’s approach is centered in authenticity, empathy and a passion to inspire change through deep awareness and personal ownership and empowerment. With his own amazing personal story of overcoming failures within a toxic environment, he’s developed a thorough understanding of the what is necessary to support those affected with ADHD -- including their families.


PRESENCE. From his diverse teaching experience, Evan has the ability to command the attention of a room with a warm demeanor that guides his audience through any lesson or journey. 


MISSION. Although the United States is at the height of diagnosing ADHD, a large population hide under the radar and will not receive the appropriate treatments. Without awareness, this population will continue to overpopulate prisons, add to the rising divorce rate, and addiction statistics.  Evan is driven is to create awareness, intervention and empowerment for this community to reach their potential, and ownership to those that face the shame that comes from living with ADHD. 

"I liked that Evan's ability to be flexible and that he doesn’t only think of time and money. He truly care’s and is able to open up about himself as well. He understands personality types and his intuition is stellar.

I am able to speak freely with Evan without judgement and he is always in my corner no matter what"

Dr. Neha, NYC

"Thanks Evan's deep understanding of ADHD and intuitive approach, I feel like I have regained a strong sense of inner trust and self-reliance, and I am learning to live up to my potential on a daily basis. He was insightful and also knew when to talk and when to listen. We worked on self discipline of practicing music, work and diet. I enjoyed our sessions and have benefited from them."

Andrew C. Marketing Genius, NYC

6 Ways book Cover.jpg

While there is no true cure for your ADHD, there are solutions, tricks and hacks to overcoming the associating obstacles that arise at your workplace. Whether you are facing procrastination, disorganization or a lack or prioritization, this book equips you with strategies to reach your professional potential. No matter what you read, watch or do, you are always learning and growing. With this book, you get to choose at what rate and which direction.

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