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ADHD and ADD Coaching in New York, NY

Do you experience some or all of the following symptoms?


  • Distractibility and inability to focus on mundane tasks

  • Behind in School or Tasks at work

  • Poor decision making skills or lack of clarity with instructions

  • Nonstop ideas and difficulty narrowing them down

  • Poor performance under pressure

  • Frequent sense of feeling or being overwhelmed



Progressive Growth ADHD & Life Skills Coaching may be able to help



Why ADHD Coaching?

Are you or your child frustrated with the challenges and roadblocks that are associated with ADHD?   Do you see ADHD as a tragedy?  Would you like to see yourself make a change that actually works?  You CAN overcome your obstacles! The key is to find your strengths and profit from them. ADHD Coaching can help.



What is ADHD Coaching?

The focus of coaching is development and implementation of strategies to reach the clients identified goals of enhanced performance and personal satisfaction.  Coaching is able to address specific personal projects, child management, life balance, and job performance.  Coaching utilizes personal strategic planning, values, clarification, brainstorming, motivational counseling and other counseling techniques.


ADHD coaching is like having advocate and silent business partner.  Whether you are in school, in a relationship or working in a business that requires you to work at 110%, your coach can help you optimize your time and build skills in both efficiency and effectiveness. We start off by assessing your strengths, creating a tailor made path that is made just for you! Each week, you get to determine the subject of the discussion.  You and your coach talk strait about your needs, obstacles and come up with practical solutions. Planning together assists you in accomplishing both your small and large goals.

As a Coach, I have accrued training and developed personalized coaching structures.  Some of my knowledge has been acquired as a teacher, in my career as an entrepreneur and some I have had to learn as a student of life.  


  • Procrastination / Perfectionism

  • Time insensitivities / Poor time management

  • Incompletion and weak follow through

  • Inability to prioritize
  • Impulsivity (blurting, spending, eating, hypersensitivity)

  • Disorganization and forgetfulness


How This Works

I have a range of coaching packages that includes between 2 - 4 coaching call a month for 45 minutes each or in person for 1 hour each.  I also include one 20 minute "Laser Call" as well when needed.  Each package starts with a complimentary consultation in order to assess compatibility from both ends. We will use a variety of assessment tools and engage in work between each call.  What we talk about during our session is confidential as we discuss overcoming obstacles and plan the actions to execute between the sessions.​


  • Parents

 In my coaching style, I add my own professional background and knowledge to instill tools and enhance any behavioral or educational management in use. Giving attention to your child's ADHD is very important.  Learn the skills and resources to helping your child thrive, not just survive.


  • Adolescents  

It has been a long time since your parent(s) has/have been in High School.  Trust me, they mean well when they care for your future.  And trust me when they have wisdom to share, but sometimes they care with passion more than with unbiased guidance.  Sometimes, parenting deserves it’s own relationship so that caring can come from the heart and not from the ruler.  Together, we learn about your obstacles and best methods motivation, organization and execution.  



Educating individuals, families and professionals on ADD


  • Employers

How do we motivate those ADHD minds to succeed?  What environments and duties can they excel at?  How do we set up our company for success when employing those with this background?


  • Students

Organizing your life is much easier said than done.  I will give you the tools to teach yourself how you can stand up to the conflicts that keep you from getting the grade you deserve.  Start owning your destiny today.


  • Educators

What do you know about ADHD?  From any age level, students have had a trail of teachers who have mistreated underrepresented students unknowingly due to missing Executive Functioning and Processing obstacles.  Let’s learn how to encourage these minds before they become discouraged with school


  • Para-professionals

Working in a special needs school or a mild special education classroom?  Do you teach speech to students who won’t sit still?  I teach on how to gage interest, build trust, teach coping skills and properly discipline without losing your cool.  



  • Groups are a great way to have peer support and to get great value out of coaching. You can expect to have peers with similar obstacles. They can serve as a great environment for learning.

    • Will be confidential teleconferences

    • Meet 1 to 2 times per month.

    • Type of Groups include:

      • Parents of Students with ADHD

      • ADHD for Adults

      • Students with ADHD Transitioning to college 

      • Parents of Students with ADHD in the Transition to college 

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