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6 Ways to Execute like an Executive

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Why You Need this Book

While there is no true cure for your ADHD, there are solutions, tricks and hacks to overcoming the associating obstacles that arise at your workplace. Whether you are facing procrastination, disorganization or a lack or prioritization, this book equips you with strategies to reach your professional potential. No matter what you read, watch or do, you are always learning and growing. With this book, you get to choose at what rate and which direction.

Read this book and you will:

  • Learn how to take control of your calendar. 

  • Be able to create a clear direction when starting projects

  • Leverage your energy levels and maximize on workflow

  • Master the art of prioritization

  • Create opportunities for growth in your workplace

  • Create new Executive Functioning Skills you never knew you had

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About The Author:

Evan Kirstein is an ADHD Life Coach living in Atlanta, Georgia. Evan was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder in grade school, and has since decided that awareness and empowerment are the foundation for growth. He’s committed himself to learning about this disorder, challenging the boundaries and sharing these lessons to serve his community. While clients range from city and occupation, he has curated this book from the tactics built from working with the diligent entrepreneur to courageous cooperates of New York City.  Evan strives to bring out the potential in each client who are destined to take ownership of their future. 

6 Ways book Cover.jpg
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